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Why You Should Only Buy from A Recognized Ticket Seller

Since not all of us have the extra money to buy outrageously expensive event tickets, we might be tempted to buy from shady ticket resellers in an effort to get cheaper and more affordable tickets. But beware the allure of a cheap ticket since they have unfavourable effects that would not just cost us money, prevent us from attending the event (because we are holding fake tickets), it might even put us in danger because we are dealing with some untrustworthy people. If this still did not discourage you from buying from fake ticket resellers, here are several reasons as to why purchasing from a recognized ticket seller is recommended.

You might become a victim of identity theft

Genuine ticket sellers such as Ticket Blaster take the necessary data security precautions to safeguard your personal information. If you will buy ticket from fake resellers by using their website, you are leaving yourself at risk to identity theft.

Or if you are going to buy tickets in person you might get hurt if the deal did not go according to the fake seller’s plan such as you getting wary about their plan. You might even end up a prey for robbers that may use the promise of a cheap ticket to trick you into taking out your wallet so they may steal it or they may use the cheap ticket to lure you to a dangerous and secluded area to rob you or worst, hurt you.

It’s possible that you aren’t really getting a better deal

Many people wait until the day of the event to buy their tickets in an effort to negotiate a lower price with a scalper outside the arena. Since the ticket will be useless to the scalper if he doesn’t sell it, this may seem like a reasonable wish. But keep in mind that the scalper is aware of your desperation; if you can’t buy a ticket, you can’t go to the event. Because of this, the scalper will take advantage of you and would demand a hefty payment from you.

You may be scammed

Putting up an official-looking website is easy and you might be scammed by these fake ticket resellers if you are not wary. You might think that the website is legit since the scammers will spend time and effort to try and recreate the real thing to scam you. With all the modern and advanced technologies in photo manipulation, it will not take them time to recreate the logo and other identification of the authentic ticket seller.

Getting scammed does not only include getting sold event fake tickets. Some scalpers are selling genuine tickets but they might not be able to assist you if a problem occurs. There are instances when you would not be able to attend the event or the event was postponed and you might want a refund. But since you did not buy the ticket from the legitimate seller, you might not be eligible to get your money back.

the authorTimothyStyons