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Why Rent a Large Marquee for Your Next Event?

The biggest factor when hiring a marquee generally is the size, but what characterizes a huge marquee? Of all, everything is relative, and what is considered a huge marquee for a garden party may be deemed a modest marquee for a music festival or conference. To decide the proper size and construction type, consider how the marquee will be utilized. The calculation for marquee size varies depending on the type of event; let’s take a deeper look at the applications for large marquees.

A large marquee is required for weddings and celebrations, however, while determining the size of the marquee, consider the number of attendees attending your event. Weddings, for example, often break into two (occasionally three) categories: the sitting reception, the nighttime celebration, and the ceremony itself.

Large marquee rental for parties varies somewhat from weddings and is determined by a variety of elements such as the number of tables required, whether the meal is seated, the size of the dancefloor, and whether you have a band or DJ performing. There is no precise science to this, but using our wedding planning guide is a terrific place to start. A variety of factors influence large marquee rentals for corporate events.

Conferences, for example, may include stages, product displays, break-out rooms, and social areas, all of which must be considered in addition to the number of delegates attending. When renting a large marquee for an exposition, you must consider visitor numbers, display area, flooring, and lighting. If your business event is experiential, large marquees offer a fully customized solution to make your event stand out and leave a lasting impact.

Branding is essential for many corporate events. We realize the value of being brand-led and provide a variety of options, including specifically printed walls and gables, as well as matching furnishings. Expect stands, free-flowing visitors, seating exhibitions, and theatre-style sections in enormous marquees for cultural festivals.

Maximum space is crucial for music festivals, as are breadth and length, as well as the height and acoustic quality. Crowds can number in the thousands, thus our clear-span structures with massive spans are ideal for creating the scene. Ice rinks are rarely tiny by definition. During the Christmas season, temporary ones may be seen in many cities and towns, and there are specialists in erecting enormous marquees for hosting ice rinks.

Large marquees not only look excellent, but they also provide a sturdy and level floor system, resulting in the ideal platform for the rink. These site support marquees may resemble a hamlet for major projects, with multiple buildings strewn around the main filming regions for months.

While the bulk of the marquees or tents discussed in this article are rented for a short length of time, temporary storage marquees can be left in place for many years and are thus more durable. Storage space is essential, as are delivery vehicle access, crew requirements, forklift and other lifting equipment requirements, temperature control, and condensation management, to mention a few.

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