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What to Know About the Diamond Grading Process?

Diamond grading is a complex process where the characteristics of a diamond are evaluated and a grade is assigned to it based on criteria that are predefined. If you are planning to purchase diamond jewellery, this is a good thing to understand as you can get more insight into the quality, authenticity and the value of the gemstone.

When it comes to diamond grading

You have to remember the 4Cs which stand for cut, colour, clarity and the carat weight of the diamond. These allow you to assess the quality and value of a diamond. You can ask about these aspects when choosing jewellery from Parker Diamonds. The cut of a diamond refers to the symmetry, proportions and the polish. These characteristics will determine the brilliance of the gem. If a diamond is well cut, it will reflect light internally and the light will be dispersed back through the top of the stone. This is what creates its signature sparkle. The colour of a diamond goes from D which is colourless to Z which is brown or light yellow. The most valuable diamonds will have little to no colour. When there is very little colour, more light can pass through the diamond further adding to its brilliance. And this will cause their value to go up.

With clarity

You can measure the flaws inside and outside the diamond. A diamond with fewer flaws will be considered to have high clarity and it will be priced at a higher value. The highest clarity is called Flawless where you cannot see any flaws under 10x magnification. And if the flaws are visible to naked eye, the grade is called Included. The carat weight is a way to measure the size of the diamond. 200mg is one carat. But all the factors have to be considered to get an idea of the overall quality and value of the diamond. Independent gemmological laboratories conduct diamond grading. There are standardised criteria for grading along with methodologies. There are trained gemmologists that do this and they use advanced equipment to evaluate diamonds and issue the grading reports.

A diamond grading report is called a diamond certificate

And this has a detailed evaluation of the characteristics of a diamond based on the 4C’s discussed above. In addition to this information, the report will include proportions, dimensions and fluorescence of the diamond along with any additional observations. The diamond grading report will be unique to each individual diamond and this is considered a written record of its authenticity. There are also different grading standards used by different gemmological laboratories along with varying terminology so the grading reports can vary. But reputed labs will adhere to international standards and guidelines to ensure the accuracy and consistency in the grading process. You need to look for diamonds that are graded by reputed laboratories that use strict grading standards. Diamond grading will provide consumers with an assurance regarding the quality and value of the diamond. And they can use this as a trusted reference when making an informed purchasing decision.

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