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What to Know About Colour Therapy

Colour is everywhere and it is an essential part of the way we see the world. Colour is light and energy and we see colour because it gets reflected, refracted or bent through different particles and objects. There are wavelengths that are visible to us that falls into the visible spectrum.

There are many holistic healing methods. Colour therapy is a part of spiritual healing Brisbane and it uses the colours in the visible spectrum to affect the mental health or mood of a person. There are different vibrations and frequencies ascribed to different colours. And the belief is that our body frequencies and energies can be affected by the properties of colour. While we only think of colour as being absorbed by the eyes, it is also absorbed by the skin. And when these colours enter the body, it can contribute to the activation of certain hormones which can influence emotion and the ability of our body to heal. Colours definitely have certain influences on our mood. This is something that affects the selection of colour themes in learning environments, healing areas and private spaces. There are colours that can have a relaxing effect on the body such as blue and green. Then there is red which can have the opposite effect.  

When it comes to alternative therapies, there is the belief that the aura of a person is made up of different light layers. Understanding the colours in your aura gives you insight into your spirit. And even if you are not aware of your aura, you understand the colours of your environment. There is a definite impact on how colours can make us feel different things and react differently in certain situations. Colour therapy uses the frequencies of colours to heal emotional and physical problems in the human body. It is used to correct imbalances in the human body especially those that are psychological or physiological. Colours can soothe you when you are stressed and it can also help invigorate you.

Chakras are the centre of spiritual power in our bodies according to Indian philosophy and there are seven chakras represented by seven colours. In alternative therapies, there are many ways that colour therapy is carried out. Considering what your mental health requires, you can look at a certain colour for a few minutes to receive therapeutic effects. For example, if you want to relieve anxiety, you can use blue light. Colour can be projected onto a screen or you can use a coloured light. Light therapists use different equipment to change the intensity and hue of colours. Once these colours enter through your eyes, it will give rise to a psychological effect on the body. And depending on mood colours, you can be aided by a therapist in order to get the benefits of colour therapy. Green is the colour you will usually start with when you are new to colour therapy; this is the safest colour and it can improve your mood and feelings of inner peace.

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