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What is a Saddle Pad and what Benefits does it hold?

More than 98 per cent of riders utilize cushioning between the saddle and the horse’s back, according to an online poll. Incorrect saddle fit can be corrected, horse comfort is increased, saddle balance is improved for the rider, sweat is absorbed, and the saddle is protected, according to responders. There are a ton of different saddle pads to pick from, just as there are numerous justifications for utilizing one. I’ll go through a few of the things you should think about while choosing a product in this article.

Horses go through a lot of shock and discomfort while performing, even though they may appear graceful. This can both negatively impact their performance and their health and saddle pads for horses can help with this discomfort. You must be sure to invest in the best saddle pads for your horses because they are crucial to their welfare.

One of the most significant benefits of saddle pads is performance improvement. They help the horse’s body absorb sweat, which otherwise may cause the saddle to slide, which is the main explanation for this. Additionally, your horse’s performance may suffer from discomfort from sweat and untreated heat under the saddle. Horses are strong yet delicate animals. They are prone to injury if not properly cared for. If you ride without a saddle pad, you risk damaging your horse’s spine. Use a solid saddle pad to make sure your weight is distributed evenly across the horse’s back. It also aids in protecting the horse from your weight when you leap, helping to prevent various types of injury.

Saddle pads help to lessen friction between your horse’s skin and the saddle. You may spare your horse’s skin, muscles, and back from pain by doing this. A good saddle is also required to guarantee that your saddle lasts longer. Since there is less friction between the saddle and the horse’s back, there is less wear and tear. When choosing the best saddle pad for your horse, always start with the fit of the saddle. For a comfortable fit, make sure the saddle pad you select fits both the curve of the horse’s back and the underside of your saddle. As a result, the saddle pad won’t put too much pressure on the horse’s spine or withers. It’s also crucial to understand that saddle pads are never meant to correct an improperly fitting saddle. Finding a saddle pad that will fit your horse perfectly should always come first, even if it might help.

The form is yet another important factor you must consider when choosing the ideal saddle pad for your horse. Horses’ bodies come in a variety of shapes, much like people’s. This is why it’s important to take your horse’s back form into account when choosing a saddle pad. A better saddle fit is made possible by the additional padding, which also helps to evenly distribute pressure across the entire back, easing pressure in particular from the kidney and wither regions, which are particularly prone to injury.

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