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Top 4 Gifts for An Eco-Friendly Person

In this present day and age everyone is looking ofways to reduce their carbon footprint and one of the ways to do this is through giving people eco-friendly gifts. On the other hand, if you happen to have a friend that is well into the go green culture the only gift that would do is an environmentally friendly gift.

Luckily, the world has evolved and realized the need for more eco-friendly gift options since our planet needs some major environmental readjustments if we want to last longer than a couple more years. Here are some great gifts you could give your eco-friendly friend:

1.      LARQ Water-bottle

This is not any old, run in the mill water-bottle. It is a one of a kind LARQ water-bottle which is known as the first self-cleaning water-bottle in the world. It uses UV tech to completely decimate up to 99% of germs in your water-bottle and you don’t even have to replace the filter. A portion of every bottle purchase actually goes towards bringing safe water to those that have limited access to clean water. In addition, it is totally plastic free and is created out of non-toxic materials.

2.      X Tentree Collection

This is a National Geographic classic collection which contains apparel with flora and fauna designs! The images on the clothes are all based on National Geographic pictures and is hand-painted on. Tentree is known for only sourcing eco-friendly materials utilizing organic cotton in their t-shirts, so you are not just going green, you are extra comfy too! Each purchase will lead to a portion being used for research and education into protecting our planet, so the money you put in has a greater impact!

3.      See Grass Sunglasses

Sunglasses are gift you simply cannot go wrong with. Go with the well-known plant based Zeal optics See Grass sunglasses, literally made of grass and recycled plastic bottles. Not only will your friend be rocking the summer streets in style, they will be protecting and saving the environment whilst doing so. The best part? The sunglasses from this brand are known to block 100% of harmful UV rays and easily looks fabulous on both genders. Gender neutral sunglasses anyone?

4.      Organic Make Up

Majority of women love make up but have to make compromises due to toxic chemicals found in certain make up products. Lipsticks, foundations, mascaras and highlighters could be full of harmful chemicals that causes irritation on the skin and be dangerous to the environment around them.

If you have a girlfriend that is into being environmentally conscious, check out this organic lipstick for your next gift! Not only will you be protecting them from the likely hood of getting other diseases, you are fighting for a greater environmental cause together! It could potentially be a game changer in the girly gift department.

Let’s gift our mates with some super cool eco-friendly gifts this time around and save our planet one gift at a time.

the authorTimothyStyons