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Tips for Choosing a Course to Obtain an Elevated Work Platform Licence

Some examples of elevated work platforms are cherry pickers, boom lifts and scissor lifts. You can find equipment such as these in different industries such as warehousing, maintenance and construction. You need to have EWP or elevated work platform license to operate these platforms safely.

When selecting EWP course Perth, you need to check the regulatory requirements for this in your country as the certification standards and processes can vary. Check the prerequisites for obtaining a license such as this and whether there are any age restrictions. You will also need to look into the specific regulations regarding EWP licensing. This will give you some guidance on the type of course to choose.

You need to choose a reputed training provider. You can search for training providers in your local area by looking them up online and asking friends and family members that have done a similar course or is engaged in a similar occupation. When choosing a course provider, you need to look for accreditation, track record and experience. Check whether they are authorised by your government to provide EWP training.

When you select a reputed training provider

You can be assured about the qualifications of the instructors and the comprehensiveness of the curriculum. The curriculum will also be according to industry standards. When you visit the website of the training provider, you will be able to review the course content. Make sure to compare course content from different providers. Some of the topics that should be included are safety measures, setting up and operation, rescue procedures etc.

These courses should also have hands-on practical training as this will help you obtain some much needed experience. While you may think that a course that rushes through the content will be better when it comes to obtaining a license early, you will not be able to prepare yourself for the actual work. There has to be a sufficient timeline to understand the course content and to get the required experience.

You need to have hands-on practical training

So that you will be able to operate an elevated work platform supervised by a qualified instructor. In this part of the course, you will be able to learn about different types of elevated work platforms and get a rounded experience. Check whether the course provides a formal assessment to check whether you meet the required standards to safely operate a EWP. Consider your scheduling requirements when selecting the course as you need to find one that suits your commitments. You can look for courses that provide flexible scheduling options. There are also full time and part time courses that you can look into. Check whether the training location is accessible to you.

Think about the travel time for this along with the costs for travelling. You can also reach out to the training provider and ask for more information about the course materials. Some examples are training manuals, textbooks and reference guides. These materials will be useful for you in the future as well. These materials should have updated information.

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