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The Main Duties of an Electrician

One of the important aspects of our day-to-day lives is electricity. It has almost become a must needed to carry out our usual works. We can’t even imagine our lives without electricity. Electricity makes it possible for us to make meals, preserve meals, watch the television, browse the internet and much more activities we do on a daily basis.

On the other hand, it will be a big challenge to face and to adjust to power outages. To spend time few hours in a day without electricity is a tough task. This is where electricians show up and do the needy. They play a major role in restoring electricity and bringing back the world to its original state. So, we will have a look into a few of the main duties done by an electrician.

Installing and Maintaining Electrical Appliances

One of the main duties performed by an electrician is assembling, installing, testing and maintaining electrical appliances and equipment. They use hand tools and power tools to perform all these tasks with protective gears on ensuring their safety.

Diagnosing Malfunctioning Systems

Electricians diagnose malfunctioning systems, apparatus and components as well. They use test equipment and hand tools to carry out the diagnosing process. By this, they trace the reason for the breakdown of electricity and correct the problem.

Inspecting Electrical Systems

This is an important task carried out by electricians. They inspect electrical systems, equipment and components to identify hazards and defects making sure there is no danger. This could be carried out by an emergency electrician in a risky situation. Because he will know if there is any need for adjustment or repairing and ensure safety.

Ensuring Compatibility of Systems

Electricians use testing devices like voltmeters, ohmmeters, and oscilloscopes to test electrical systems and the durability of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures. Carrying out this process ensures the compatibility of the system.

Planning the Layout to Install Wirings

Plan the layout and decide the exact places to install the electrical wirings. They undergo this process even before installing electrical equipment and fixtures as well. Figuring out the exact places where the wirings should be installed ensures conformance to the building and safety codes.

Repairing Fixtures and Training Workers

Another important duty performed by and electrician is repairing or replacing the wiring, equipment and fixtures. For this he should have a proper knowledge about the hand tools, power tools and the way they are used. Another benefit of an experienced electrician is the way he directs the upcoming electricians who are learning the skill from the scratch. He should train them to install, maintain electrical wiring and also to repair them.

Electricians work on electrical equipment not only in homes but in factories, business places and buildings as well. An electrician is one of the most important individuals in our lives, so he should be given that due respect he deserves, because he is almost a silent hero, who comes to the rescue in case of an emergency despite of the time or the place.

the authorTimothyStyons