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The Difference Between Male Strippers and Male Revue

If you are doing your research for bachelorette parties entertainment, chances are you have come across male revue and you begin to wonder what’s it all about and how different it is from male strippers. Male strippers are similar to female strippers. They give lap dances; they perform onstage and dance sexily and strip tease their audiences.

They are often hired for bachelorette parties and they are the clients that pay the most. Bachelorette parties are events where clients ask the strippers to play a role and dress up in costumes. Male revue on the other hand is more elaborate. It is a live entertainment that includes singing, dancing, acting and costumes. Basically, it is a whole production.

Now that the main difference is established between the two, which one is most suited for your bachelorette party?

Male strippers

What could be considered as an advantage by male revue over male strippers is that male revue often includes fancy costumes. However, if you hire male strippers Adelaide based, you will be regaled with dance numbers by strippers dressed up as police officers, fire fighters, pilots, construction workers or whatever you fancy. Male strippers basically are flexible depending on what the clients prefer.

Hiring a male stripper is also a more private, intimate event rather than choosing a male revue. With this, the focus is also on the bride rather than having a group of men entertain all the guests. After all, bachelorette parties are supposedly send-offs for the bride saying goodbye to their being a bachelorette. What’s the best way to say bye to singlehood than being entertained by a gorgeous, sexy man?

A private bachelorette party with a male stripper could make the event more comfortable as well since most bachelorette parties are done in the comfort of one’s home or in a private and exclusive venue.

Male revue

Male revue often consists of a group of men performing. Unless you hire more than one stripper, you would have one stripper during your bachelorette party, unlike with a male revue. More is better, right? But if the bride would want to have her bachelorette party a little low key, she might be overwhelmed with a male revue and would prefer to have just one stripper. But if she says otherwise, then a male revue is perfect since there is a male entertainer each for every guest.

With male revue, you and your guests could have it all. You could be entertained by whatever fantasy you have since there are a lot of male entertainers throughout the whole night. You don’t need to choose unlike with male strippers that could only come dressed up with whatever costume you requested. However, since male strippers are basically flexible, you could ask them to have multiple costume changes if this is what floats your boat.

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