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The Components of a Comcare Assessment

Comcare is a worker’s compensation scheme and this has been established to protect and support employees of national and commonwealth companies. These companies should also be licensed under the compensation scheme of federal workers.

With Comcare,

Workers will be able to receive compensation if they are to suffer work related illnesses or injuries. The first stage in a Comcare assessment process is when the employer notifies the employer about the work related illness or injury. This notification has to be made on time as this is what starts the evaluation process. This ensures the injured worker is able to receive immediate medical attention. The employer or a representative in their stead will start the Comcare claims process. The employee will need to lodge a formal compensation claim with Comcare after they notify the employer. Some of the information that should be included in this claim will be comprehensive information about the illness or injury and the circumstances in which this took place. If there is any medical documentation to support the claim, these should be included as well. There are clear guidelines provided by Comcare instructing how to complete the process.

There will be

An independent medical examination carried out after the compensation claim has been received. A qualified healthcare provider will be chosen for this and they will evaluate the extent of the injury or illness. They will also look into the causation of the illness and its nature. The medical expert will give their opinion on how the injury or illness affects the ability of the employee to work. Once an employee is injured, they need to return to work once they have properly recovered. This aspect will be considered through the rehabilitation assessment. This will identify the potential for rehabilitation services that can help the employee return to their job. They may need to be provided vocational training or job placement in this regard. If they have a disability as a result of the injury, workplace modifications will be recommended in order to accommodate this.

All relevant information will be evaluated by the Comcare assessors.

Some of the information they will assess are statements provide by the employer, medical reports of the claimant and the circumstances of the illness or injury. This will help them determine the liability for the illness or injury; this will be where it will be established if the injury occurred during the course of employment. This will determine if the employee is eligible for compensation. If it is concluded by the assessment that the employee is eligible for compensation, there are many benefits that will be provided. Some examples of compensation benefits are payment of medical expenses, payments to cover any lost wages as a result of the injury, rehabilitation services etc. The employee will also be compensated if they are permanently impaired. These benefits will be determined according to the severity of the injury and the ability of the employee to work. The case managers of Comcare will work closely with the claimant along with healthcare providers and the employers so that proper support is provided to the injured employee.

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