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The benefits of having a managed IT service provider

You use technology in your business to improve and increase the output of your workers, right? If your technology causes more issues than it solves, it is working against that goal. Any time your system is down or a user encounters a technical issue and cannot finish their work, you lose money. Managed IT services increase the speed at which you conduct business by reducing downtime brought on by technological requirements and problems. By reducing unplanned downtime, businesses that participated in an IBM study increased revenue by almost $200,000 for every 100 customers.

By outsourcing with Australia Wide IT, you can spend less on hardware and real estate. Your whole IT infrastructure is housed by a managed IT service provider, thus all gear and servers besides your workstations and computers are kept there. This frees up whatever space that your technology has been taking up physically and generates additional space for personnel and inventory.

Additionally, you are saving money on the equipment’s maintenance and energy bills. Also, neither licencing fee nor personnel training is required. Even the desktop support qualifications that your staff ought to possess are cheaper for you. According to the same IBM report, companies that outsourced their IT department experienced infrastructure cost savings of $146,80 per 100 customers annually.

You should concentrate on your business and what you need to do to succeed rather than on how to defend yourself from ransomware assaults. When you outsource your IT to a managed service provider, you can forget about having to teach your staff about new systems or procedures. Instead, you should concentrate any additional training on career advancement that would benefit your company.

Additionally, it frees you from the burden of worrying about your compliance with regulations and the timeliness and accuracy of your backups. Additionally, you won’t need to familiarise yourself with industry best practices or keep up with them. Demands for assistance with login issues, user issues, and equipment malfunctions may overwhelm your IT team. Your IT crew cannot concentrate on their primary duties when they are diverted by these unimportant activities. Furthermore, they are useless.

Your staff can carry out the duties for which they were engaged when you invest in a managed IT service provider, freeing them up to work on other crucial projects. You take a risk when you invest. However, a much bigger risk is not complying with government regulations and not adequately protecting your data. Following the failure of Enron, compliance should be a priority for every company.

It might be difficult to stay current with the various markets, software, licencing, and regulatory changes. A managed service provider handles everything on your behalf. A service provider will guarantee that your data is correctly saved and backed up, ensuring that you have access to all the information you require, protecting that data, and freeing up both physical and storage space on your networks.

In light of the ROI, outsourcing carries relatively minimal risk. You can save money on hardware, maintenance, and space expenditures in addition to the salary and benefits of full-time IT staff while increasing output and effectiveness. A higher return on investment was also seen by organisations that outsourced IT within six months, according to the IBM report that was previously highlighted.

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