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Should You Consider a Digital Lock for Your Commercial Property?

A digital lock is a door or window locking device that does not use a traditional key for the function. Digital locking mechanisms use battery power or electricity and are an alternative to conventional locks. They are gaining popularity, particularly among younger decision makers who are more conversant with a digital lifestyle and work environment.  

There are multiple benefits to switching from a traditional lock and key to an electronic or digital locking device. If you are not familiar with what these might be, call commercial locksmith Essendon who will send a representative to discuss what might be appropriate for your business premises and budget.

Let’s go over some of the benefits that might be most attractive to a commercial establishment.


The greatest benefit is enhanced security and convenience. A digital locking system is made to always enables access to the right person only as and when needed. Digital locks are keyless; this means there is no keyhole for intruders to pick to open the door or window to get inside your building. You can also programme your digital lock to allow only authorised personnel to enter certain areas of the building that hold valuable or classified information. Additionally, the inconvenience of cutting multiple keys for multiple users is taken out of the equation when installing a digital lock. Forgetting to bring the key or losing/misplacing the key is a common occurrence with traditional locks, however, with a digital lock’s code system, you can always gain access.  

Visual Deterrence

Thieves and intruders often look for easy break-ins. Any electronic security system whether it is a CCTV camera, digital lock, an automatic alarm system and/or motion sensor lighting can act as a deterrent, as it requires a lot more planning and skill to carry out a break-in.  

Automatic Lock

Have you ever asked yourself if you locked the door behind you after leaving the building and then backtracked to make sure the door is locked? Well, you can programme your digital lock to automatically lock behind you and what’s more, you can also specify a period for it as well – 10 seconds, 20 seconds, or 30 seconds after closing the door.


Installing a digital lock makes life a little bit easier when you’re closing the door behind you with your hands full. With a digital lock, you don’t have to juggle with your key and lock, it will automatically lock the door for you, all you have to do is close the door.

Monitoring Access

Installing a digital lock together with an access control system, can help monitor the whereabouts of people in the building, the system also allows different levels of access to different grades of employees. The system can also generate the work hours of an employee by recording the in and out time on the access control mechanisms. This allows you to keep track of employees who come into work late, leave work early or take extended breaks away from the office.

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