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Setting Up a Spa at Home

You might think that hosting a spa at home day with your friends is complicated. But it’s really not. Setting one weekend to pamper yourselves would make it easier for you to face the upcoming work week again. Unwinding from the stresses of the week by having a spa at home could reenergize you without having to spend big bucks at a posh spa.It’s actually easy to recreate a full-on pampering spa. Continue reading below on how it could be done. Message your friends now to clear their weekend because it’s time to rest and relax at the comfort of your home.

Create the ambience

Candles, flowers and aromatic oils could help you create an ambience of relaxation. They all have a pleasant smell and if you choose lavender scented candles and aromatic oils, you and your guests could instantly relax upon smelling them.

The candles casting a soft glow is equally mesmerizing and could help forget all the worries of the past week. This is the reason why spas have them. Mix and match candles like having a floating candle centrepiece and scatter some tea lights all over your place.

Put appropriate essential oils in your spa

Warm water, targeted massage jets to relieve of muscle soreness and essential oils to help you relax? Yes, please. Indulge with the coral classic 4 person spas and invite your friends to take a warm and relaxing dip. Before you use essential oils in your spa, however, you need to ensure that the essential oils could be used in your spa since not all are okay to be used.

Your spa’s filter might not be able to drain the oil since its thicker. Although, don’t be alarmed since there are essential oils that are spa and hot tub friendly. You just need to find one that is best suited for your spa’s make and model. Ask the retailer about it and they’d be more than happy to suggest which brand of essential oils is appropriate to use in your spa.

Play calming and relaxing songs

To help you and your guests truly relax, play some soft background music to complete the serene atmosphere. Look for chill out music or chill vibes playlists that truly encapsulates the mood that you want to set for a relaxing at home spa.

Serve detox drinks

You might think you would not be famished or thirsty because you are just relaxing but after a dip in you at home spa, you would need to replenish the liquids that you sweat out. Water with lemons is not only refreshing, they also have numerous health benefits such as helping your digestive system and promoting weight loss. Water with cucumbers and strawberries also work well.

Hosting a spa at home day is a lot of fun especially if you just have a spa at home installed. What better way to test your brand-new spa or hot tub than inviting a few of your friends for some R and R?

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