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Making The Switch to Frozen Food for Your Snake

Feeding your snake live prey might start to be getting expensive and inconvenient. If this is your situation now, why not try feeding it frozen or pre-killed food? If you think your snake will not immediately jump on the idea of eating frozen food, read below and follow these tips.

Start small

If your snake is used to eating live prey, don’t immediately feed it frozen food. You have to start small so as not to confuse your snake and they’d be turned off to trying or eating frozen prey. What you could do is first, offer a pre-killed prey. Pre-killed is different from frozen food. Pre-killed is still warm and your snake will think that the prey is still alive.

Frozen food on the other hand is that, a prey that’s been killed then frozen. It is fed to snakes by thawing when it’s time to eat. There are snakes that are sensitive to temperature and would not want food that is cold. Try giving them pre-killed food first then try offering a thawed frozen food after a few feedings.

Feed your snake at the usual time of its feeding

When your snake is used to eating at a certain time of the day, it would learn to expect food at that time. Observe when they are most active because it is the perfect time to feed them the best frozen snake food even if they are used to eating live prey.

Snakes that are active during the day should be fed during the day and nocturnal snakes are best fed during the night. Offering them food when they should eat would make it easier to try and convince them to try something new.

Offer the frozen food as if it’s still alive

Try and trick your snake into thinking the frozen food is still alive by making it move with the use of tongs or forceps. Mimic the movement of the rodent and your snake’s hunting instincts will be activated. Although there are snakes that might be too agitated with a lot of movement. Try and see to which way or manner your snake will respond. Just be careful though and ensure that the snake would bite into the prey, not your hand.

Offer frozen food of the same size and colouras live prey

To make sure that you would be able to trick your snake effectively, the frozen food that you would be offering must be the same size and colour of the live mice that it usually eats. Try and experiment as well with the size and colour if the snake is still not taking it since white mice and rats that you usually buy at pet stores is not the usual diet of snakes in the wild.

Most of the time, it is easy to get a snake to eat frozen food, after all food is food. However, this might not always be the case and you might find that your snake would not be easily swayed into eating frozen prey. But don’t stop offering since once your snake become used to consuming frozen food, feeding time will be a lot easier.

the authorTimothyStyons