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Guide to House Demolition Process

Careful planning is required for the demolishing of a house and there are certain steps involved in executing a project such as this. We will go through these steps in the article below.

The first thing you need to do is select a demolition company for the job

You need to consider their experience, qualifications and license. Once you select the JAG demolition company, they will provide a detailed quotation. The client will be provided information on what the demolition process will be and the company will let the client know of what they expect from the client. The prices will be discussed at this stage along with the payment terms and options. Different companies will handle this differently so this is something you will need to focus on in the selection stage so that you can select a company that has a payment plan that is amenable to you.

The demolition company will coordinate with the local council to obtain the approvals for the process. The property will be secured properly to prepare it or demolition. Some of the actions taken will be removing the electricity and gas meters. Sometimes the septic system or the sewer system will be decommissioned. However, water will not be disconnected so that the demolition company can use this to suppress dust during the process. You can also notify the neighbours of the demolition so that they can prepare as well.

The council application has to be lodged for the demolition

And there will be preliminary tasks carried out at the site such as rat baiting and removing the gas and electricity meters. There will be a few weeks until you receive the council permit and once you have this, there will be a pre-demolition meeting carried out at the site so that the client and the builder has a good idea of the scope of work and the requirements. There will be a crew for removing asbestos and they will remove any asbestos that is present on the property in a safe manner. There will be items that can be salvaged and these will be extracted safely as well. Once the stripping process is completed, there will be an arrangement for the asbestos clearing certificate by the demolition company which will confirm that all the asbestos on the site has been completely removed.

Once the site preparation is complete, the demolition machine will be mobilised

After the demolition is complete, the site will be cleaned so that construction workers can work here afterwards. There will be a completion notice provided to the council and this will include and additional information such as whether the septic or soak wells were removed. There has to be seamless coordination maintained when carrying out a house demolition project and it is very important that the contractor you work with is aware of the regulations and strictly adhere to them. There has to be transparent communication between the demolition company and the client so that the scope of work is clear to everyone.

the authorTimothyStyons