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Features to Look for in a Caravan Exterior

If you are looking for a caravan, there are certain factors to consider such as safety, functionality, aesthetic appeal and longevity. In this article, we will go through some features you can look for when purchasing a caravan that will help you focus on these priorities.

When looking for caravans for sale Perth, the chassis and drawbar are essential components to consider. Look for a fully galvanised chassis and drawbar as it will contribute to durability. These are also resistant to corrosion. You can check for a model that comes with a lifetime structural warranty so that you can enjoy some peace of mind regarding the reliability of the caravan even when you are used to travelling in harsh environments.

You can also enjoy superior comfort and stability in the ride by selecting a caravan with an independent suspension. Each wheel of this caravan will move independently so that the impact of uneven terrain is minimised. If you are looking for an off-road caravan, this is a great feature to look for so that you can have better control over different surfaces and traction. This will also reduce the wear on tear on the components of the caravan.

Check the type of wheels used

As this will give you an idea of their durability on rugged terrain. You can look for alloy wheels and off road tyres so that they provide better traction, grip and durability. These will be able to withstand the challenges of off-road travel while still elevating the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. When you are travelling on a challenging terrain, you need to have an off-road hitch so that the caravan can be safely towed. You need to look for an off-road hitch that has flexibility and articulation so that smoother towing can be achieved. This will also contribute to the manoeuvrability of the caravan over uneven road surfaces. Safety is an important element when choosing a caravan and you need to check whether it comes with safety features such as dual safety chains, D shackles and hammer locks. These features will prevent the caravan from detaching in the event of an accident so that the occupants and the road users can stay safe.

You will find

That it is more convenient to manoeuvre the caravan and park it when there is a dual jockey wheel. This will allow you to manoeuvre the caravan in tight spaces as the heavy duty jockey wheels can help with smooth movement. Check whether the caravan has stabiliser legs so that it can be stabilised to prevent swaying or rocking when it is parked. There are fully adjustable stabiliser legs that will help you level the caravan on uneven ground. Another safety feature you can look for is a trailer breakaway system that automatically activates the brakes of the caravan if it is detached from the towing vehicle. This will prevent potential accidents involved with a runaway caravan. You can also check if there is a drawbar tap where water can be accessed directly from the drawbar of the caravan so that you don’t need to use additional plumbing.

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