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Factors to Consider When Installing Your Business Signage

You may have heard about this word signage before and it wanted to know what it means. It is simply something visual that is used as a form of communication. It showcases a name, an instruction or information for anyone reading it. Signage could range from the name of something such as Male and Female washroom signs, Push or pull boards on doors; we are open or closed boards at shops or restaurants.

The list goes on, almost everything around is a form of signage. A business logo or slogan outside the premises is too a form of corporate signage, letting people know who owns or operates inside the establishment. Punchy, informative and creative signage brings appeal and plays a role in how your stakeholders perceive your business.

While some businesses may not want to pay too much attention to it, some are convinced it is vital especially new businesses that are yet to enter into their respective markets. Putting up signage is no simple task; it takes a few factors to consider so here are some pointers we think will help.

Keep to a Theme and Style

You would have seen loads of different forms of signage, while some would have been eye catching, classy and conveys its message you would have also seen signage that look cluttered, messy and may not even have conveyed the message clearly.

Neatness with crisp details is vital for any type form of signage. While it is good to have contrasting colors there should be a uniformed theme among all the signage at your business premises. Signage is made from different materials such as plastic or metal. In order to have a clear and neat sign, you can use laser cut metal signage which is an effective solution.

Size and Design

Considering the size and design of your signage is an underestimated factor that many businesses may tend to overlook. Can your signage be seen from the outside, does the size catch a passer-by’s eye? Is it clear, concise and keeping in line with your businesses chosen colors?

Some of the most common issues with signage is that the font used are too small, too big or in some cases the wrong spelling. It is important to have a professional design the signage. If you have an in-house graphic design team it will be an added advantage however if not you will need to consult either a marketing agency or a graphic designer to create your signage in accordance to the business’s vibe, goals, aim and style.

Create a Vibe

You may think signage is just text, colors and shapes but it is far from that in fact. The feeling you get when you see a sign is how you perceive it. That is the key element that a designer needs to achieve when designing signage. Does it look appealing, engaging and most important does it convey the message you are trying to send out to your potential stakeholders.

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