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Different Types of Incident Reports Used at Workspaces

The utilization of incident reports holds significant importance when it comes to establishing and maintaining a safe work environment. This is especially due to the vital role these reports play in identifying potential hazards.

This further aids in the process of taking proactive measures in preventing the recurrence of similar incidents in the future.  Before we delve into the different types of incident reports out there, let us first understand the basic meaning of incident reports at a workplace.

An incident report is a document with detailed information about an unexpected event that has occurred in any workspace environment.  It captures the date, time, location, individuals involved, witnesses, description of the incident, contributing factors, and any actions taken to address the situation. This particular document can either be filled out by the manager or employee involved.

Employee illness/injuries

Accidents are bound to happen, be it an incident that happened with or without knowledge. These reports are documented with the relevant information based on the nature of the incident and those involved in it. It also includes the medication received alongside steps needed to prevent such occurrence then onwards.

Near miss incidents

This report captures the incidents that involve situations where accidents or injuries were narrowly escaped from. These reports serve as valuable tools to identify potential hazards, raise awareness about risks and create opportunities for implementing preventive measures. This way companies can proactively address underlying issues and build a safer space.

Violence and harassments

There is no doubt that any kind of violence and harassments are against rules, regardless of the environment or surrounding. This report records incidents that involve workplace violence, threats or harassments, all of which are against company policies. Why are incident reports important you ask? It is to help take the right steps for incidents as such and create a safer work surrounding.

Emergency evacuations

From incidents involving fire outbreaks to smoke incidents to any other sort of emergency evacuation process taken place, this report documents information starting from what triggered it to evacuation procedures and any possible property damage control. This aids companies to increase their emergency protocols if there’s necessary space for improvement.

Electrical power outages

Be it a residential space or corporate one, it is only natural to face electrical issues in the building due to one reason or another. However, this is also one such incident that requires an incident report. This report is related to situations such as electrical failures or power outages. The report highlights details such as the affected areas, the cause of the outage, duration, any safety concerns and etc.

Security breaches

Security breach report consists of incidents related to unauthorized access, theft or security breaches that occur within the workplace. It outlines immediate actions taken to address the situation as well as get rid of any potential risks. These incident reports serve as vital records for analysing the breach, identifying vulnerabilities and implementing robust security measures for preventative purposes.

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