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Different Types of Boat Lighting

Boat lights are an essential accessory for every boat. Whether you don’t sail much at night time, it is still important to have these essential add-ons to your boat just in case times comes that you need it. Boat lights have different uses – from navigation, illumination, or even as an added aesthetic for your boat.

They could be placed anywhere you need them in your boat. Since there are different types of boat lighting available in shops, it is important that you know them first and what their functions are. That way, you’ll know which lights are needed in your boat.

Here are the different types of boat lighting and their uses.

Advantage of LED Lights

Unlike traditional lights, LED lights are a lot better wherever you use them. They last longer, consume less power, and don’t heat up that much making LED boat lights a better option than other boat lighting solutions.

Underwater Boat Lights

Underwater boat lights are commonly used by people who need more visibility in the water like those who love fishing and travelling at night. Compared to regular boat lighting, underwater boat lights provide better lighting and visibility.

These lights could also add to the beauty of your boat at night because of their unique illumination style. When choosing underwater boat lights, be sure to look for ones that are designed for marine use so they could withstand the harsh outdoor conditions.

Flood and Spreader Boat Lights

Flood boat lights are usually installed near the navigation part of the boat. It provides better illumination on the front parts of the boat. On the other hand, spreader boat lights are installed on the spreaders to add more light to the dark areas in front of the boat as well. Both of these light types are really powerful and provide strong light, making it a must-have if you travel the waters at night.

Navigation Lights

Night time is when you’ll need good boat lighting the most. If you’re travelling in the dark, you’ll need a strong light source to make the other nearby boats aware of your location to prevent accidents and collisions. Aside from that, you’ll also know where you’re going if you have adequate light to illuminate your path at night. Boat navigation lights are an important accessory you should have for a safe travel even at night.

Strip and Under Gunnel Boat Lights

Strip and under gunnel boat lights are flexible strips of light. These lights can be used on either the interior or exterior of the boat and serves as an additional decorative element for your vessel. You could even choose from a variety of colors, depending on which one suits the theme of your boat.

Before buying boat lights, determine first which is needed in your boat. That way, you’ll have an idea on which types of boat lights you’ll need, when buying boat lights, choose only the ones from a reputable and reliable brand to be assured of quality and safety.

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