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Did You Know How to Feed Your Fish?

Food and nutrition is basic need for each and every living being. Everything has a limit and so does the feeding of fish.  When the food is not eaten by the fish it can get accumulated in the filter, after few days this can release toxic materials. So make sure that you do not over feed your fish.

Know What the Fish Eats

In the natural habitat, fish eat when they are hungry.  If there is excess food they will keep eating them.   On the other hand, if food sources are scarce, they may experience days between meals.  Because of this, fish are very opportunistic and eat as much as they can.  This means that if you give them food, they will eat normally, even if they are not hungry.  Keep this in mind the next time your fish asks for food.  You will only need to feed them when they actually need food abstain from feeding the other times. Ensure you get the right food, if you have betta fish you should get betta fish food.

Feeding Times Per Day

How often you need to eat fish depends on your type of fish. Most commonly once a day is efficient but some prefer to feed twice a day.  Young growing fish may need to be eaten three or more times a day.  For most fish, two meals a day are sufficient.  Time does matter, except for overnight sellers.  If your aquarium contains nocturnal fish, such as catfish, be sure to eat them at night before turning off the lights. They search for food in the dark, using strong odors to find food.

Some herbivore fishes need to eat more than once a day as their gastric capacity is lower.  In nature, they eat plants throughout the day. They should be offered small meals several times a day or live plants that they can eat. Goldfish doesn’t have a stomach so feed them in regular intervals. They naturally feed on algae and other nutrients throughout the day, so it’s best to eat several small meals throughout the day rather than one large meal. Younger fish may need more energy and nutrition so does not forget about this.

Choose the Right Amount of Food

It is best not to feed fish more than they can eat in five minutes. When you think that they are malnourished you can feed them in regular intervals. Also keep in mind that the type of food is just as important as the quantity. You want to make sure that your fish are getting the correct nutrition they need to stay healthy. Also, if you have a school of fish, you need to consider the nutritional needs of each species and find a balanced diet.

Did you know what happens when the fish is overfed? Common myth even from childhood is that fish explode from overeating. But this is never practical so don’t worry about your fish exploding.  However, there are other health problems associated with overeating. Some fish can develop fatty liver. Overeating can also stress fish, and adverse effects on the aquatic environment can affect fish health.

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