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Craft Ideas for Resin Crystals

Crystals have incredible beauty to them and they are all unique. If you love DIY crafts and want to experiment with the crystal effect, you can create or purchase resin crystals. These mimic the colouring, texture and shape of crystals and you can make so many decorative items and thoughtful gifts with them.

If you need a large batch of crystals for a big project purchasing the resin crystals makes sense especially if you are working towards a deadline. But for customised options, making your own crystals is a great option. And you can also add dyes and glitters to your products and explore your imagination when it comes to creating unique items. If you love to make handmade candles or want to give an extra boost for store brought candles and make a beautiful centrepiece in your lobby or elevate a decorative niche, you can consider making crystal candles. You can add crystals to the candles and all it needs is a simple tutorial for you to follow. In dim light, the light from the candle will illuminate the resin crystals to create a wonderful effect.

You can also elevate a plain mirror by using resin crystal products. You can use different colours and shapes to have the mirror pop. This will be a great decorative element for your lobby or even the bedroom. You can even add some real crystals to give you some calming and positive energy. This can also be a thoughtful gift for somebody. You can frame resin crystals over almost anything. One such example is photo holders. You can have these applied to a photo frame to give a special effect to a cherished memory. You can have this on your nightstand as a personal touch that also adds to the interior design. If you want to up your home decorating skills, look into crystal bottle stoppers. There is not much you need to do as the bottle is already there. You can create different stoppers for different materials and these will look perfect stacked on an open shelf.

There are so many wall hangings you can create artistically with resin crystals. For example, if you live in a small space, you can even have the crystals applied to a window frame such as the one in your bedroom window. Or you can create a hanging sculpture that incorporates resin crystals and makes a calming sound when the wind blows through it. Another option for window décor is crystal sun catchers. They will spread light around the room in a beautiful way. If you have a jewellery box or a box of precious keepsakes, you can add a personal touch to it using resin crystals. You can even create planters to have inside your home with resin crystals. Give your kitchen some flair by making resin crystal fridge magnets. These will be a great stocking stuffer at Christmas. Another thing you can include in Christmas gifts is a curtain holder with crystals for a quirky home.

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