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Choosing the Perfect Pasta for Your Palate

Pasta is a food that is loved worldwide and there are so many different pasta dishes that you can find as well. There are the classic dishes and then there are variations on these classics. In this article, we will go through some things that can help you refine your pasta choices so that you can select what is ideal for your palate.

There are different pasta types or shapes such as penne, farfalle etc.

This shape can affect how the past interacts with the sauce. Some will hold a little bit of sauce inside them such as the shell shapes. The sauce you select should be something that suits the pasta shape. This can make a big difference to the texture of your dish. You can search online for best pasta Geelong to find a good restaurant to try. They can give you recommendations on what you like as well. The pasta sauce is an important element in the dish and you have to think about its consistency and the texture. There are chunky sauces like ragu which is a meat sauce and these are great with pasta shapes like rigatoni and pappardelle. But when there is a light oil based sauce, this is best for thinner pasta shapes such as linguine.

The texture of the pasta also matters

This will affect the way it absorbs the sauces. Some pasta types like fettuccine will allow the sauce to cling to it easily and this can elevate the taste. And as mentioned above, certain pasta types like fusilli can trap the sauce inside the folds. The cooking time will also vary according to the pasta shape. Some delicate varieties will cook very quickly. You can also try out some pasta restaurants in your local area to try some artisanal pasta. These specialities will have unique textures and flavours. They will also use high quality ingredients so that you will be able to experience rich dishes. You will be able to expand your culinary adventures by experimenting with artisanal pasta. Each restaurant will be different but you can ask them about the speciality and what they recommend based on your preferences.

There are also healthier options that can be considered such as whole wheat pasta

You can find pasta that is made from alternative flour as well such as those from rice flour, chickpea and lentil. These are great if you have any dietary restrictions or looking for a gluten free alternative. However, if you are looking for a restaurant, it is best to contact them beforehand whether they are able to accommodate these preferences so that you are not disappointed when you actually go to try their food. There are also baked pasta dishes that you can try. The shapes used here will be denser such as ziti and rigatoni as they will hold their shape and also absorb flavours beautifully. It is only through experimenting that you can learn what your personal preferences are. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try something new so that you get to have a varied experience.

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