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5 Ways You Can Increase In-Store Shopping

In 2022 sales in online shopping have skyrocketed whilst in-store sales have heavily deteriorated. This is significantly due to the rise of COVID-19 during 2020, but now with the gradual demise of the pandemic more people are opting to explore the outdoors which could cause a surge within the in-store shopping industry.Many people opt for online shopping due to the convenience and time saving factors.

However, nothing can beat the in-store shopping experience, touching the products, getting to try on clothes before purchasing, observing how a product looks, feels and works in your own hands is only possible when you walk into a store. It is all about enhancing the customer experience in your store from your products to your store environment. Here are five ways you could elevate in-store purchases:

1.      Make a Design Investment

Invest in anin-store design as people are automatically attracted to beautifully designed spaces. Create a design that will make people remember your store. A retail fit out creates the much-needed atmosphere, as a new design could entice more customers.

Whilst your older design did little to nothing in increasing sales. Having a strong brand design, vivacious interior, stunning exterior with the perfect store lighting scheme could boost up your sales in ways you could have never imagined!

2.      Build a Client Community

It is a historically and scientifically proven fact that majority of human beings long to belong to a community and have a shared identity. Introducing community hubs could cater to that human instinct and will definitely aid in building traffic to your business.

This could enable merchants to engage with their clients regularly to obtain feedback, educate, share experiences, conducts events and introduce new products while you watch those sales numbers rising!

3.      Make it Personal

Offering gift customizations could make your store stand out. This could help in attracting customers that wish to buy presents for their loved ones but wish to add more thought and love into it, the best way of doing that is through personalizing a present! For instance, Tiffany is a popular high-end jewellery store which offers engraving options for a variety of jewellery items. Customization makes any gifts more meaningful.

4.      Build an Experience

Build a brand and design a store which appeals to the human senses. We all know humans have five senses and the trick to increasing your customer base is catering to those senses through a shopping experience at your store. This involves sensory marketing.

For instance, provide unique way customers are greeted, make them feel comfortable in your store, build a cool vibe with music, use aromatic scents, whilst the customer waits or shops offer a drink or a cookie and finally provide incentives to ensure a return customer. Incentives could vary from discounts to samples and reward schemes.

5.      Make it Multipurpose

By multipurpose I mean retail spaces. Mixing up retail and coffee or dessert shops have opened doors for new customers that generally would not enter your store. Through repurposing an area of your shop by introducing a café or dessert boutique an opportunity for building community presents itself and this could elevate sales.

Use these tips to enhance customer experience and see the boost in sales!

the authorTimothyStyons